General Handyman Work:                 $40 per hour                                                                                        
Large work requiring extra labor:         Rate +$20 hr
                                                                                     Per Helper                                                                                            1 hr minimum

The Majority of What We do!!!

Light bulbs, Gutter Gleaning, Smoke Detectors, TV/Audio Setup, Computer Work, Cleaning, Plantings, In House Furniture Moving, Supplies Pickup, Curtain Rods, Irrigation Testing/Programming Assistance, and Much More…..

Pressure Washing:$45 per hour

Small Engine Repair:$45 per hour
          + Parts

Welding/ Fabrication:    $50 per hour
          + Parts

Moving – Out of House:$50 per hour                                                (Georgetown and Surrounding Only)             + $ 1 per mile

Shrub Trimming and Removal:        By Estimate

Tree Trimming and Removal:      By Estimate

Lawn Aeration:                                       By Estimate

Stump Grinding:                                   By Estimate

*Appointments rescheduled by customer less than 24 hours before the time of appointment may be subject to a rescheduling fee.